Now you can ease your fear of falling while walking more naturally

The Perfect Walker II enables you to walk upright and avoid falls.

What did you tell your children the whole time they were growing up? “Stand up straight, don’t slouch!” Well, now that you are one of the countless Americans who use walkers and rollators for safety and mobility, why aren’t you heeding your own advice? Until now, using these products meant shuffling along, hunched over, eyes down, with your weight centered on your hands and wrists. Instead of promoting safety, these products lead to bad posture, an unnatural gait and a risk of additional injury from not seeing where you are going. Now, there’s a better way.

The Perfect Walker II has solved the uncomfortable bent over posture that has plagued users of traditional walkers and rollators. It enables you to walk safely and comfortably in a natural, upright position. It features innovative forearm support cuffs that support your weight with your arms and shoulders, keeping you standing in a natural way. It is height-adjustable for users up to 6 feet tall. No more leaning forward, stretching, slouching or crouching – no worrying about toppling over or losing your balance. Best of all, when you are walking, you are looking forward, not down.

Look forward to going more places more often!

Perfect Walker II folds up for transit or storage with a dual-folding design, making it compact and easy-to-handle, weighing only 18 pounds. It’s extremely simple and convenient to take and use just about anywhere. It features an advanced braking system, a secure locking mechanism and a stable wheel base. The rear “walking space” of the Perfect Walker II is wider than traditional rollators, giving you a greater range of motion and a natural, comfortable walk.

So take your own advice, and stop slouching. Call today to find out how you can get a Perfect Walker II. You… and your children, will be glad you did. Call Now!

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