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Imagine…no more “Stoop & Shuffle”

Traditional rollators and walkers simply aren’t designed well. They require you to hunch over and shuffle your feet when you walk. This puts pressure on your back, your neck, your wrists and your hands.That’s just not the way our bodies were designed to walk. Your old style walker may do more harm than good, especially if you use it a lot. Now there’s a solution…

Discover the Perfect Walker

Feel safer inside and outside.

The Perfect Walker’s ergonomically engineered design virtually eliminates hunching and the back pain you get from bending over while walking. Its adjustable height and padded elbow rests keeps you standing tall and distributes your weight across your arms and shoulders, not just your hands and wrists.

You’ll feel better…and be safer as well. You walk inside your Perfect Walker’s wheel base rather than behind it like with the old walkers. The unique frame gives you plenty of room for a more natural gait, and the non-skid wheels help you feel secure wherever you go. For a more in-depth look at the difference between the Perfect Walker and conventional walkers, visit our comparison page.

On the Go Comfort

When you’ve reached your destination or just need a break from walking, just lock the rear wheels on your Perfect Walker and take a seat. There’s an adjustable backrest that provides comfortable back support while sitting on the breathable mesh seat. It folds with the unit when closing and is made of cloth-backed mesh material. Additionally, when you’re ready to get up the helpful Stand-Assist handles are positioned to give you steady support.

As a safety precaution – Do NOT move the Perfect Walker while sitting on the seat or use it as a transport wheelchair.

Unmatched Convenience

Just pull the seat handle up and your Perfect Walker folds to a compact 11″ tall by 18″ long. At only 23 lbs., it’s easy to lift and fits in a car’s backseat or trunk with the help of discreet carry handles. It also stores easily in a closet when not in use.

Don’t forget the convenient accessories! The storage bag holds all your important items like your phone, purse, or wallet wherever you go with a removable carry strap. A helpful cane/umbrella holder comes in handy when the need arises. Additionally, a screw on drink holder gives you more storage and fits a variety of beverages.

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Have questions or need personal assistance? Call us today at 888-243-2825 and speak with a USA-based Perfect Walker expert.

Have questions or need personal
assistance? Call us today at
888-243-2825 and speak with a
USA-based Perfect Walker expert.