The Perfect Walker - Walk Upright Again

Imagine…no more “Stoop & Shuffle”

Traditional rollators and walkers simply aren’t designed well. They require you to hunch over and shuffle your feet when you walk. This puts pressure on your back, your neck, your wrists and your hands.

Worse yet, they tilt your vision downward instead of naturally looking forward as you walk. All of this makes walking uncomfortable and potentially unsafe. That’s all changed with the Perfect Walker.

Now you can ease your fear of falling while walking more naturally and safely.

The Perfect Walker enables you to walk upright and avoid falls.

The Perfect Walker virtually eliminates hunching and the back pain you get from bending over while walking. Its upright design and padded elbow rests enable you to stand tall and distribute your weight across your arms and shoulders, not just your hands and wrists.

This innovative design lets you walk inside your walker’s wheel base rather than behind it. The unique frame gives you plenty of room to step, and the oversized wheels help you glide across the floor.

Gets You... and Your Things... Where You're Going

Convenience is big part of life when considering a new mobility product and how it makes getting around easier. Included with your Perfect Walker, is a very convenient mesh storage bag so you can take with you all your important items like your phone, purse or wallet wherever you go.

The Perfect Walker also comes with a convenient cane/umbrella holder. Fits most canes and umbrellas, making it easy to take them along with you when the need arises. Also allows you to conveniently transfer to your cane when necessary: going into a bathroom, going up and down steps, any place where your mobility might be compromised.

Comfortable Support

Once you’ve reached your destination or when you just need a break from walking, just lock the rear wheels on your Perfect Walker and take a seat.  There’s a backrest that provides comfortable back support while sitting on the breathable mesh seat. It folds with the unit when closing and is made of cloth-backed mesh material.

As a safety precaution – Do NOT move the Perfect Walker while sitting on the seat or use it as a transport wheelchair.

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