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As we age it often becomes harder to get around—especially because disorders like arthritis are the most common causes of chronic pain among the elderly. As this happens, joints begin to stiffen up, and frequent movements like walking and standing can put pressure on sensitive areas in the knees, feet, and back.

To help alleviate these issues, standing walkers are a popular aid for many adults and seniors all over the world. Standing walkers differ from traditional walkers and offer more benefits and safety features. Here is how the Perfect Walker sets itself apart from other standing walkers.

Effortlessly Adjustable to Your Height

One of the most common issues with traditional walkers is that they often lack height adjustment. Most are around three to four feet tall, designed to meet you at the hip or waist so that your arms can comfortably rest as you move.

However, with the potential to cause back problems, hunching over to reach this low height can do more harm than good. With the Perfect Walker, you can easily customize the height exactly to your preference.

The new EZ-Height Control buttons on both sides allow the Perfect Walker be to easily adjusted to accommodate heights between 4’9″ and 6’2″ so you can avoid unnecessary bending, stretching, slouching, and crouching. When you use the Perfect Walker, you’ll find yourself walking more comfortably and securely in a natural upright position-just like you’re supposed to.

The Perfect Walker's EZ-Adjust Height Control Buttons that allow for heights between 4'9

Support Where You Need It

Often, part of needing help getting around translates to needing a little extra support in general. That’s why The Perfect Walker now comes with sturdy Stand Assist Handles to help you feel secure when sitting down or standing up. The Perfect Walker also features an adjustable back rest, giving you control over your comfort, and giving you support where you want it.

The Perfect Walker's stand up assist handles that make standing up easier.

Safe Navigation Indoors & Outdoors

The Perfect Walker is ready to take you wherever you want to go, with safety as the number one priority with several key safety features. Reflectors are featured prominently on the front, back, and the wheels, as well as on the detailing of the bag so you can feel safe going on that evening walk with your grandkids. Also featured are treaded, non-skid 8-inch tires that go from carpet to pavement, gravel, and many other surfaces while keeping you steady.

The Perfect Walker is 24.5 inches wide so that it can fit through any standard doorway. You don’t have to worry about squeezing through any part of your home, especially since the 18.5-inch rear wheelbase allows for more walking legroom.

The Perfect Walker's safety reflectors on the 8 inch non-skid wheels.

Sturdy and Portable for Any Adventure

The Perfect Walker isn’t just an excellent walking aid, it’s also compact and portable so that you can bring it wherever you go. Its easy-folding compact design allows for simple storage so that you can move it anywhere you want. This walker is only 23 pounds, keeping it light enough that it can be easily moved. The weight and compact nature means you can store it in any sized trunk, closet, or even beside your bed.

The Perfect Walker is wider than other stand up walkers to help reduce the chance of tripping, its sturdiness is reinforced thanks to durable framework and thick, impenetrable wheels. No matter where you’re going, the Perfect Walker is reliable and portable for many types of adventure.

Folded down Perfect Walker and Dimensions

Ultimate Safety and Convenience

The Perfect Walker is unmatched because of its safety and comfort. It offers soft-padded armrests, lockable brakes, and a comfortable fold handle for storage.

The Perfect Walker's armrests.

Soft-Padded Armrests

This fully-adjustable armrest is thick enough so that you never worry about bruising or hurting your elbows and forearms. And thanks to the Perfect Walker's forearm support cuffs so you can worry less about accidental imbalance or tripping as you move.

The Perfect Walker's hand brakes.

Lockable Brakes

One of the most impressive features of the Perfect Walker is its advanced braking system with secure locking. This is ideal for those who want extra support while standing or need to lock the wheels when on a slope. When the wheels are locked, you can rest on the included seat comfortably and securely.

The Perfect Walker's easy fold handle.

Easy-Fold Strap

You already know that the Perfect Walker is easy to fold for ultimate storage, but the best part is how easy it is to do so. With merely the pull of the easy-fold strap, you can fold this stand up walker correctly and place it wherever you need.

For more information on how The Perfect Walker differs from conventional walkers, visit our walker comparison page. The Perfect Walker is unlike any other standing walker you’ve ever tried because it’s customized to fit you in all ways, ranging from your height, accessibility, and navigation capabilities. Whether you need it around the house or out and about, you can take the Perfect Walker anywhere you want and store it away quickly once you’re finished.

It’s time to stop hunching over and shuffling your feet. If you’re ready to change your life and move with ease once again, then it’s time to order a Perfect Walker.


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